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Google+ is five years old today

Google+ is five years old today.

Many happy returns, Google+, you are five today. Google's home-built social network was launched on June 28th, 2011, competing with the likes of Facebook and Twitter with a unique "circle" approach to contact management and deep integration with Google services.

Today, Google+ persists mostly as a gesture of loyalty to established users and communities, of which there are still a few highly engaged ones kicking around. Recently, Google launched one of the best features to come to Google+ since the network’s launch 5 years ago. It’s called Google+ Collections, which is well received by the users.

While everybody is bound to have a different opinion of Google+, it’s unquestionable that the service has produced some truly unique moments and experiences. Some people have met some of their best online friends through Google+ communities, and others have connected with YouTube artists and musicians through Google+ to gain support for their own …