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Meet the New Google+

Google has began the rollout of a completely redesigned Google+, one that will focus on the Communities and Collections functions of the platform, according to a blog post by Google's streams director Eddie Kessler.

In a post on the official Google Blog, Eddie Kessler, Google's "director of streams," said that after listening to feedback, the company reworked Plus around a mobile-first experience focused on Communities, where people can connect around shared interests, and Collections, where people can create virtual scrapbooks of information and media.

The new Google Plus isn’t just an update or refinement of the old desktop and mobile application. It’s a complete redesign of the site's front end and back end -- that is, the parts of the site that its employees see, and the parts that the public interacts with.

The overhauled version appears to be in beta mode, with Google allowing users to opt-into the new design on the web and Kessler promising changes over a …

Google’s new ‘About me’ tool

Google has launched a new tool called About me that lets you see, edit, and remove the personal information that the company’s services show to other users. Google confirmed to VentureBeat that the feature started rolling out to users this week.

The main About me page mostly duplicates options you'll find on the About tab of your Google+ profile, but it's more clearly designed and far more convenient to work with. This dedicated profile page is the latest G+ feature to be spun out on its own, following in the footsteps of Google Photos. Google no longer requires users to have a G+ profile, so it makes sense to introduce a way of managing your personal data that doesn't rely on the social network.

Rather than having to click through from your profile picture pull-down to your Google+ page and then navigate to the About tab before you can change or check anything, your new 'About me' profile is instantly accessible at

The tool does still h…