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Google+ brings changes, Material Design to Communities pages

Google+  gets its latest update -  a make-over is its Communities pages, bringing the ubiquitous Material Design animation and some other physical changes to the page.

If you're just using the usual Google+, you won't notice any changes at all. But if you're a member of any of the Communities and head on over to that section of the network, you'll notice that it looks distinctly different from the rest of the page. It differentiates itself from the main Google+ stream so you'll definitely know that you're in a "different place" when browsing through your Community page. It also gives you a new Material Design animation that is evident when you pull down from the top page.

The animation changes are not yet evident when you update your Google+ to version 5.3. You also need to install the new version of Google Play services, which is version 7.3.27. Then don't forget to restart Google+ for the changes to take effect.

source: via +Danielle Buckley …

Google+ users can now manage their photos on Google Drive

Google+ users can now manage their photos on Google Drive

Google+ users will now be able to see and manage photos uploaded to the social media website via Google Drive using a new Google Photos tab. They will be stored in folders alongside other files.

Google Plus features one of the best automatic photo tools in the business including, its automatic enhancements of color balance and exposure, as well as other tweaks and organizational tools. The inclusion of Google+ library in Drive will make it much more accessible and useful for those who are already using Google+ as a backup destination for pictures snapped on their mobile device.

Organize your photos & videos into Google Drive folders
You can copy, move around, and edit your Google photos in Google Drive, but those changes will not be reflected in Google+.

If you delete photos or videos from the Google Photos folder in Drive, they will also be deleted in Google+. Your automatically backed up photos are private unless you choose…

Cleaning Up Your Google+ Communities

Google Plus Communities are gaining ground and is finding lot of interests among social media enthusiasts and users. It is the best to start building your network and relationship with people of similar interests. Once you join, it is always better to review them now and then to keep it organized.
Just like we organize our Circles, we need to do the same thing with Communities regularly if we're going to continue to gain value from the Communities and Google+.

It is better to review those communities that either aren't active, or are not providing you with the valuable discussion you were looking for.These excess communities add to the total number of communities listed on your community page, complicating your ability to find and participate in the communities you're interested in. And posts to these extra communities could show up in your Home stream  and may even affect what your want see in What's Hot or Explore section of the Google+.

How to leave a community: