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Google is Helping Women Get Online in India - HWGO

Google is Helping Women Get Online in India

Google India aims bring 50 Million Women Online by empowering women from all walks of life with the right resources.  India has over 200 million Internet users and the number is growing. India is on its way to become the second largest Internet market overtaking US. But, only one-third or about 60 million of the online users are women.

Google India has partnered with brands to create awareness about the benefits of Internet for women, educate them to use Internet to improve their lives and enable easy access points across the country. Internet can help women achieve self esteem, open up new opportunities and help them to gain education.

Google has designed a website HWGO, which will host content covering the basics of Internet and content relevant for women in Hindi and English. You can check out the step-by-step guide to help everyone use the internet- your mom, your neighbor, your aunt or just someone else you know whose life could improve …

Google releases their official partner playbook for Google+

Google releases their official partner playbook for Google+

Whether your brand is just getting started on Google+ or you’ve been active since the beginning, the new Google+ Playbook is designed to help you get the most from your presence on Google+. The step-by-step guides offer a concise overview of the features and functions of Google+ — from connecting your YouTube channel and posting regular content to helpful tips and best practices for Hangouts, Communities, and more.

If you're a brand or business looking to establish yourself or go even deeper on Google+ then you're going to certainly need this. This book is filled with easy to follow material on getting the most out of Google+.

You can download the new playbook here at Google+ Playbook