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The Future of Google Plus in India

Google has won the battle in search, but when it comes to social - it's clearly a battle to be won for Google+.  It is gaining for sure and there is significant improvement activity of Indian users in Google+.

Google is turning it into a platform on which the rest of Google’s web services are evolving—something that has the effect of making people use Google+ by default. YouTube’s commenting system has been replaced by Google+. Chat and Talk, once stand-alone services, were combined into Hangouts and incorporated into Google+.

New internet users, such as the hundreds of millions expected to come online in India in the coming years, will find that being on Google’s social network is increasingly a prerequisite for using Google’s other services.  Google is getting itself focused a lot on Google+ in India, and it’s already very active.

The best is yet to come for Google+. Get connected to India with +India+