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Google+ expands custom URLs to more people and pages

You no longer need to be a star athlete or a pop diva to get a vanity URL on Google+. If you have a profile photo, have 10 or more followers and an account that's at least 30 days old, simply visit your profile to get your vanity URL and get rid of the random string of numbers.

This option is available to pages as well and Google's rolling the feature out to more accounts throughout the week.

Google+ Hits 540 million Active Monthly Users

540 million monthly active Google+ users: This is the number of people with Google accounts that interact with Google+ each month in some way on any Google property. 
300 million monthly active “in-stream” users: This is the number of people that see/visit the Google+ content stream.
Google VP +Vic Gundotra  also shared some numbers about photo and video sharing on Google+: There are 1.5 billion photos uploaded to Google+ every week.Google has seen a 20x increase in the number of videos being uploaded to Google+.Google is not just focusing on building the largest social network. Google+ is also an important tool that helps the company identify and authenticate users across all its services, including search, Gmail and YouTube.