Google+ Communities with better Anti-Spam Controls

Google+ Communities, which can be easily created, lightweight discussion forums and are full of prospects and potential followers. They are best ways to connect with people who share your interests, get the latest news on the subject and even plan things like meetups, conventions and events. The issue with online communities is that people with less than savory intentions get on board, such as spammers, flamers and bullies.

google plus communities

There are moderation tools in Google+ Communities to remove, report and ban them. But they could just as easily come back with brand new profiles. To makes things easier for Community owners and moderators, Google+ today rolled out a better content control and anti-spam filter. With the filters being a bit smarter and more strict, moderators will see less questionable content hitting their communities.

The new changes are already available for new communities being created and will be on by default. For existing communities the feature is being rolled out gradually, Sure this is a good step towards keeping the communities spam-free.

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What are Google Plus Collections?

Google launched one of the best features to come to Google+ since the network’s launch nearly 5 years ago. It’s called Google+ Collections. This latest feature allows for content creators to manage and organize their posts in a very powerful manner and allows users of Google+ to only subscribe to the content that they wish to see in their own social stream.

In short:
You can now group together your posts on a theme or topic by creating a Collection.
You can follow a Collection without following a profile or page.
Your followers automatically follow all of your public Collections.
When you follow a Collection then new posts from it will show up in your home stream.

Where are collections?

In Google+ , at the left-sidebar you would see "Collections" tab and once you click, you’ll see a top menu with your collections and Featured collections.

Yours – Here you’ll see the boxes with the Collections you’ve created. This is where you also create a Collection.
Featured – These are Collections featured by G+. If you see a topic you’re interested in then just click/touch Follow. Search results now include Collections.
Additionally in mobile app versions - you would see "Followed" collections – This lists all the Collections you follow including ‘Collections from Your Circles'.


How to create a collection?

To create a new collection, on your computer:
Go to Google+ and click Home .
Select Collections .
Click Create a collection.
Enter a name for your collection and choose who it's visible to.
Similarly you can create your collection in Android and Iphone apps.

Once you have created a collection, you can add posts to it. Also you can move or reshare your earlier posts to the newly created collection,

Collections is one of the best features to come to any social network in recent times, because of the sheer amount of manageability and control offered to users on both sides of the stream. This powerful feature should completely change the way people experience Google+.
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